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El-Badr Industrial Supplies Co. Ltd

BIS is dedicated to bridging the gap between the manufacturer and end-user through its distribution and delivery of top-quality ; industrial parts and materials with integrity and accountability. We are honored and proud to have partnered with numerous numbers of international manufacturers who are well-complied with international product standards. We maintain the capability of unequaled service performance from enquiry to on-site prompt and safe material transfer.
Mission Statement:

BIS is dedicated to bridging gaps between the manufacture and end – user by distributing and selling top-quality building materials , HVAC and industrial products though various efficient and speedy channels with integrity and accountability.

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El-Badr Industrial Supplies Company is glad to invite you to attend and participate our big exciting and relevant Technology seminar for the lunch of CONEX Valves and Banninger Press fittings in SAUDI market on the 9th of January at the...
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BIS announces the ISO 9001:2015 certification

El-Badr Industrial Supplies Co. Ltd. ( BIS ) announces the ISO 9001:2015 certification  After completing a comprehensive quality review, El –Badr Industrial Supplies Co. Ltd . ( BIS ) is proud to announce that we have successfully completed  the final stage of...
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